Traditional Acupuncture extended out of China around 5000 years ago. It is a healing system that does not divorce the body, from the mind, from the spiritual/emotional levels-a holistic approach to health.
There are different forms of acupuncture practiced in the world-that address different levels of symptomatology. The main examples of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture are Eight Principle and Five Element.
In Oriental medicine, acupuncture addresses balancing the Life Force, Chi Energy, for the well being of the bodymindspirit. This Life Force flows continuously within us. If there is a ‘balanced’, harmonious flow, we are in a state of health. If the Life Force is not flowing properly, there is an imbalance creating illness, symptoms of disease. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture addresses deeper levels hence creating ‘balance’ and perpetuating health. As a 5-Element acupuncturist, I am here to facilitate overall balance/wellness, as well as addressing the clients’ needs.
The treatment schedule is determined on an individual basis-usually one treatment per week. As symptoms decrease in frequency and/or intensity, there are longer intervals between sessions. Acupuncture needles are produced from 36 gauge stainless steel, the same size as human hair. They are presterilized and disposed of after use.


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